2018 is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about New Years Resolutions. Maybe it’s time to drag out an old tried-and-true one like “lose weight” or “travel more”. Both of those are good ones, but we’ve thought of some great resolutions to help get the most out of where you live! Add one or more of these resolutions to your list this year!

Get Out and Try Some New Restaurants

All four of these establishments have opened within the past 3 months. Whether you’re into tea, ice cream, beer, or pizza, something on this list is bound to make your tummy happy!

  1. Tea Tap Bar – If you’re in the UNCW area, stop by the Tea Tap Room on Racine Dr. and have some delicious bubble tea!
  2. Icicle Roll Ice Cream – If you’ve ever said to yourself, “What will they think of next!?”, welp, the answer is rolled ice cream It’s a whole thing. Hop on over to their website to check it out or head out to their shop on S. College Rd. near UNCW.
  3. Pour Taproom – Picture this: Upon arrival you swipe your credit card and are given a bracelet. From there, you make your way to any of the beer taps and pull your own beer! It’s a great way to see and try new kinds of beers! They have everything from sours to IPA, stouts, to ales. Even cooler, it’s built into an old bank vault. Head on over and feel like money!
  4. Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria – The brainchild of chef Vivian Howard, Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria is her newest restaurant and it’s bringing the area national attention. Head on over to see her inspired take on an old favorite.

Get Out and Visit the Best of Wilmington

  1. The Aquarium at Fort Fisher – If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the Fort Fisher Aquarium, it’s worth another visit. The highlight is always the floor-to-ceiling glass looking into their largest aquarium.
  2. Airlie Gardens – We’ve just gone through Enchanted Airlie and that means we’re just a few months away from spring and and explosion of color. Airlie Gardens is beautiful in the spring. Put it on the calendar!
  3. Cape Fear Riverwalk – Come on down to our neck of the woods! Catch a cruise, have a burger at the Anne Bonny and enjoy the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is continuing to extend to the North as that part of downtown Wilmington continues to grow. If your memory of what’s going on downtown is from last summer, it’s time to catch up!
  4. Carolina Beach Boardwalk – Say ‘Carolina Beach Boardwalk’ and our mouths automatically starts to water at the thought of Britt’s Doughnuts. Britt’s and more are available along the scenic walk.
  5. Downtown Wrightsville Beach – Wrightsville Beach is where you go when it’s warm and you have an hour between classes or meetings. It’s an easy way for Wilmingtonians to get out to the beach for a hot minute. Fewer of us take the time to stroll the full half-block of downtown Wrightsville Beach between Tower 7 and Lagerheads Tavern. At Tower 7 you’ll eat the best chips and salsa in town and get a chance to eat tacos from plates that are a little too small, but in sort of a fun way. And at Lagerheads, you can enjoy cheap beer and hang out on their porch, yelling at passing traffic in increasingly funny ways as you get increasingly drunk. If a game’s on, you can catch it at one of the nearly 10,000 TVs at Jerry Allen’s Sports Bar where quality bar food is always on tap.

Get Out and there and Network

  1. Port City Young Professionals – Free! No cost or membership required. Meets the third Wednesday of every month at one of Wilmington’s restaurants, bars or venues.
  2. K&M Speed Networking Group – Visitors welcome, but this is a membership based networking group. Meet’s the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. –
  3. Wednesday’s at Six Networking Group – Free! No cost or membership required. Meets every Wednesday at a different bar, restaurant or venue. –

Get Out and Enjoy Nature in New and Exciting Ways

  1. Bald Head Island – Going to Bald Head Island for the day is like going to a theme park for people who don’t like theme parks. You catch a ferry to a place where they know your name when you get off of it. You can rent a golf cart and tool around the island without seeing a car. You can stop at the lighthouse and creep around it like, maybe you aren’t supposed to be there, then get to the top of it so you can take a picture of the local marsh. What’s great about the lighthouse is that it actually feels as old as it is. It feels vaguely dangerous, which is part of what makes it awesome.
  2. Cruise the Black River – If you’ve ever wanted to get away from civilization, cruising the Black River is where you want to be. It’s untouched. It looks essentially like it did when this area was founded. If you haven’t been on our Black River tour yet, you haven’t really seen the area.
  3. Take a Cape Fear River Scenic Cruise – Cruising the Cape Fear River is a great experience. You get to enjoy nature, but at the same time you get to see downtown Wilmington and the port from new angles. It’s a great way to spend a lunch hour if you’re downtown, or a great way to spend time catching up with friends. We’ll be back and offering River Tours in March, so put it on your calendar and get ready!

Rediscover the area and make 2018 the best yet with these four New Year’s Resolutions!  We hope to see you this Spring or Summer!

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