We love New Year’s Day! The end of one year and beginning of another is the perfect time to take stock of last year’s assets and liabilities. It gives us a moment to pause and reflect on what we’ve been doing right and what we might like to change or improve. Those improvements are our New Year’s resolutions.

Some people don’t like resolutions because they’re difficult to keep. But we like to make some resolutions that are difficult and some that are so much fun, they’re really easy to keep, if we will stop to remind ourselves. See if you can tell which are which below.

Resolution #1: To See More of the Cape Fear

It’s easy to always walk the same paths in our busy lives: To take the same route to work and school, to shop at the same shops, to eat at the same restaurants, and to do the same things for entertainment and exercise. But in Wilmington, NC, we live in a place that’s rich in things to do, so why not branch out and try something new?

Our resolution is to see more of Cape Fear in ways large and small. We’ll travel a different route with different sights every day, if possible. We’ll try a new shop or restaurant just to see what they have. And we’ll try new kinds of entertainment and exercise, such as a new yoga studio we’ve heard about, a walk in a park we’ve never been to, or a trip to that museum we’ve passed a hundred times.

If you’ve passed by the Henrietta III and never tried it, this is your chance. There’s a Henrietta III cruise for everyone, from narrated sightseeing cruises to Murder Mystery Cruises to elegant Captain’s Dinner Cruises. And once aboard, you’ll see a side of Wilmington and the Cape Fear River you can’t see from land. Branch out and try a cruise on the Henrietta III—it’s a fun way to keep your resolution!

Resolution #2: Shop Local

It’s easier to shop at a store that has “everything” than to stop at two different stores to find what’s on your list. But the big box stores and grocery chains won’t even notice if you’re not there one week. And your Wilmington, NC neighbor with a smaller shop can really use your business.

Shopping local keeps money in the community, helps make community ties, and usually results in better merchandise and a better shopping experience, too.

Resolution #3: To Spend More Time with Family and Friends

In 2016, we’re dragging our friends and family along on our new excursions. Whether we’re buying bread at a bakery, visiting the Cape Fear Museum, or walking a back alley in downtown Wilmington, we’ll ask family members and friends to come along. Life is just more fun that way.

We’d like to invite you and your friends and family to ride with us aboard the Henrietta III in 2016. If your resolutions are anything like ours, you can get credit for all three in one trip!

To find out more about cruises on the Henrietta III, check out our cruises page or call us at (910) 343-1611.

Happy New Year, and enjoy your resolutions!

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