Our newest Henrietta is up and running! We brought her back from Alabama in March, crossing the Gulf of Mexico and bringing her through the Intercoastal Waterway all the way up the East Coast. The journey took more than a week! Once back in Wilmington, the real work began. It took over two months of work to get her up to our standards. She can accommodate up to 85 people for downtown Wilmington sightseeing cruises, lunch and dinner cruises, or private charters. Equipped with both an indoor and outdoor viewing deck, the Henrietta boasts the best and most comfortable opportunities to experience downtown Wilmington and the Cape Fear River from the water. We also offer a full bar so we’ve got everything covered!

Downtown Wilmington sunset

This is the fourth different boat we have operated under the title of Henrietta. We have been operating downtown Wilmington sightseeing cruises for more than 30 years! Although smaller than our previous Henriettas, we believe our new boat is the perfect size to offer daily sightseeing cruises and host private events and charters. Sights include the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, the downtown Wilmington Riverwalk, the Federal Courthouse, the Battleship USS North Carolina, and the North Carolina State Port. Who knows what else you’ll notice?

private charter downtown Wilmington

In addition to private charters and daily sightseeing tours, we will be offering lunch and dinner cruises. These catered events are not to be missed! There will also be Henrietta Sunset Cruise offered Thursday-Sunday departing from downtown Wilmington at 7pm. So no matter what kind of experience you seek, we have something for you! Come enjoy the splendor of downtown Wilmington and the scenic Cape Fear River from the best and longest-running tour operators around!

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