It’s nearly time again for Wilmington, NC’s signature event, the Azalea Festival! The 2016 North Carolina Azalea Festival promises to be the biggest and best ever. From April 7 until April 10 (and beyond), there will be parties, parades, music, art, road races, and lots more. There’s truly something for everyone at the Azalea Festival.

At Cape Fear Riverboats, the Azalea Festival is part of us. Cruise the Cape Fear aboard the J.N. Maffitt this year to see the Azalea Festival from the river point of view! Hourly cruises are only $10 and are a great piece of your Azalea Festival experience.

Here are 5 reasons to see the Azalea Festival from the Cape Fear River:

1. Try Azalea Festival Food on the Cape Fear River

Street fair specialty foods are part of the fun! While you’re sipping lemonade or sampling a funnel cake, take a riverboat ride on the J.N. Maffitt and see how the festival looks from the water. Or get a bite at “The Barge,” our floating dock on the Riverwalk. Either way you’re sure to fuel up for more Azalea Festival fun.

2. Hear Azalea Festival Music on the Water


The Multicultural Stage is right down on Water Street at the foot of Princess Street. So a riverboat ride on the J.N. Maffitt puts you down amid the action when the sound starts. There’s a City Rockfest Tour April 8 as well as traditional music and dance from Native American, Celtic, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Hawaiian, Polynesian, Indian, Techmoja, Philippine, Japanese and other performing artists all through the festival.

3. Escape the Crowds for a Moment


We love the hustle and bustle of the Azalea Festival, but we don’t mind taking a break! Get off your feet and take a moment from your busy day for a narrated tour aboard the J.N. Maffiitt. Enjoy a little fresh air on the water and settle back for a quiet respite. Then it’s back to the fun!

4. Learn a Little Cape Fear History on a Sightseeing Cruise Cruise

Cape Fear Riverboat John Knox

Narrated sightseeing tours aboard the J.N. Maffitt are the best way to learn a little about Wilmington’s river while having fun on the water. You’ll hear about local lore, natural history, and important area personalities on your cruise.

5. Have Fun Up Close to All Wilmington Attractions


Step off the boat after your ride and enjoy Wilmington’s favorite attractions at your fingertips! Walk to hotels, settle in for a meal at one of Wilmington’s riverside restaurants, shop at favorite boutiques, and wander through museums and galleries.

Call Cape Fear Riverboats at (910) 343-1611 to find out more, or just head to the water in downtown Wilmington and look for us. You’ll find our ticket booth at the foot of Dock Street, waiting to make your Azalea Festival experience more fun than you expected!

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