Wilmington NC will never be mistaken for having a true cold weather climate but usually during this time of year, it’s at least jacket weather. But we’re in the middle of a warm spell that’s seeing temperatures in the 66-73 degree range with sunny skies. It’s the perfect time to enjoy lunch down by the Cape Fear River at Anne Bonny’s Bar & Grill.

The grill is the brainchild of the same team who brought you the restaurants Husk and Yosake. The vibe is casual and relaxed. The food is delicious everyday fare including a burger that’s a hands-down Top 3 burger in town, a grouper sandwich that finally answers the question, “Where can I get a good fish sandwich in Wilmington?”, and a half-pound hotdog we call The Wolf. We call it that because it’ll have you howling!

We also have an assortment of other foods: nachos, salads, soft pretzels, wings, fried oysters, fish & chips, and more!

Combine the great food with a fun atmosphere on the Cape Fear Riverboats barge that’s literally on the river, and free wi-fi, and you’ve got yourself a good time.

Anne Bonnie's Bar & Grill menu

To top it all off, it’s December! You can enjoy all of this in some unseasonably warm weather. It’s a great place to stop off whether you’re downtown to do some Christmas shopping or are just hanging with the family.

Did we mention that the Anne Bonny also stocks a full bar with an assortment of beers, wines, and liquors? Pair a burger with a beer right by the Cape Fear River and you’ll understand what makes this area so special. You can enjoy in December what other folks travel from hundreds of miles away to do when they come here on vacation in the summer. If you’re visiting the Anne Bonny before taking one of our cruises, be sure to grab a drink and bring it with you!

You can follow the Anne Bonny on Facebook. The Anne Bonny is open Monday – Thursday from 11am – 9pm. Friday and Saturday from 11am – midnight and on Sunday from 11:30am – 10:00pm.

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