When you’re in downtown Wilmington and a thirst comes upon you, what do you do? You amble over to the new Anne Bonny’s Bar & Grill on the Riverwalk, of course!

Anne Bonny’s Bar & Grill replaces the River Grill at the Barge overlooking Cape Fear Riverboats’ docks. The open-air site is serving a variety of pub food with a full bar and a great view.

Expanded Menu Serves Downtown Wilmington in Style

Anne Bonny’s is the brainchild of the same people who brought you the Husk and Yosake: Steve Gaconnier, Madison Vithalani, Justin Smith, and Michael Webber. With plenty of industry experience behind it, the new restaurant promises to step up the culinary game at the riverside location.

The new menu is fun and casual. Sandwiches and baskets come with fries, corn on the cob, or cole slaw. Burgers, chicken, and hotdogs come in three signature varieties, and there are yummy specialties such as grilled street corn, nachos, and a bacon basket. Don’t miss the grouper sandwich and the pulled pork!

The full bar offers beer, wine, and mixology including sangria, cool wine slushies, and frozen drinks. Sweet tooths will love the Coastal Cupcakes, ice cream, smoothies, and milkshakes. Diners can expect live music on weekends.

Who Is Anne Bonny?

Well, Matey, Anne Bonny be a famous pirate who plied the Atlantic seas. Born in Cork, Ireland, she moved with her family moved to the New World, where her father dressed her as a boy and called her “Andy.” Anne was a redheaded firebrand from a young age; rumor has it that at age 13, she stabbed a serving girl with a table knife.

Anne married a small-time pirate named James Bonny but left him when she fell for the swaggering Captain Jack Rackham. Dressed as a man, she accompanied him on sorties plundering Spanish treasure ships off Cuba and Hispaniola under the Jolly Roger.

They were captured, tried, and sentenced to hang. But Anne was granted release due to pregnancy, and no one knows where she finally ended.

Take Your Dinner Aboard the River Cruise

From Anne Bonny’s Bar & Grill, it’s easy to step aboard the Capt. J.N. Maffitt, John Knox or Jacob’s Run for a sightseeing cruise on the Cape Fear River. Bring along your food and beverages from Anne Bonny’s and relax as you enjoy the fresh river breezes, entertaining narration, and lovely views of downtown Wilmington and natural scenery.

Anne Bonny’s is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, later on Friday and Saturday nights. Stop by, me hearties!

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