Wilmington, NC, has a sordid background for haunted buildings and ghost sightings! If you’re looking for a ghoulishly good time, here are just a few of the scary places available to visit.

The Latimer House

A Victorian style home Built in the 1800’s, the Latimer House has been a place of tragedy, which is why many suspect this is why the house is haunted. The Latimer’s had nine children, five of whom died before the age of five. While it’s old age and architecture make it extra creepy at night with strange sounds heard and claims of faces in the windows of the house or children looking down from the upstairs rooms.

Battleship North Carolina. During its commissioned time at sea, the SS North Carolina had ten casualties of war. Some of those have chosen to stay with their ship and can be seen peeking out the portholes or passageways. Visitors have heard strange sounds and even harsh voices telling them to leave.

Bellamy Mansion. Not only is the Bellamy Mansion a great historical site, it’s a great place for ghosts. The mansion was built for the Bellamy family during the late 1800s by slaves. The property was also home to slaves’ and servants’ quarters. The mansion has been restored to its original splendor. This must be very pleasing to those that lived there; as their ghosts frequent the grounds.

The Cotton Exchange. If you’re looking for a variety of ghosts and ghouls, the best place to find them would be in a shopping complex. The shops were built during the late 19th century. The Cotton Exchange boasts of its ghosts—from an elderly gentleman named Fred to a young lady that frequents the candy shop.

The Price House. Also known as The Price – Gause House, this home has been haunted even during its construction. The house was built on grounds that were once used for gallows and executions. Families that have lived there have heard ghostly footsteps, strange noises, and writing on windows and walls.

The Old North Inn. The history of the Old North Inn is sketchy at best. At one time, it was one of the elite inns in downtown Wilmington. It now serves as a privately-owned bed and breakfast. Guests that have stayed there have heard strange sounds and have had ghosts get up close and personal with them!

One way to ensure you see all the haunted places in Wilmington is to take a walking tour through town. Your tour will give you a peek into the town’s ghostly past. You’re sure to meet someone from out of this world on your journey.

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