If you’re getting married in 2017 or 2018, you’re probably up to your neck in wedding plans! Beyond the flowers, cake, and clothes, there are lots of little details that add up to create a perfect wedding.

If you’re planning a rehearsal dinner in downtown Wilmington, here are some essential items to remember for that fun and important date.

1. Plan Parking for Your Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner guests may be unfamiliar with downtown Wilmington parking, especially if they’re from out of town, and weekend nights can be crowded! Let your guests know the best garages, lots, and metered spaces close to your venue or reserve spaces in a pay lot to save steps.

2. Pick the Perfect Venue in Downtown Wilmington

You’ll find plenty of good restaurants in downtown Wilmington for your rehearsal dinner. But may we suggest something different: A rehearsal dinner aboard a Cape Fear Riverboat! Our riverboat Jacob’s Run is now fitted out for dinner service, with room for 30 people at a seated dinner.

  • Choose your own caterer, bring along your food, or order food and drinks from our dockside restaurant, the River Grill.
  • Treat your guests to an outdoor meal with beautiful scenery.
  • Enjoy the best-ever view of downtown Wilmington!

3. Show Off Downtown Wilmington to Your Rehearsal Dinner Guests

Downtown Wilmington NC on the Cape Fear River

We love downtown for its vibrant life and scenery. Stroll down brick alleys, admire Pedestrian Art sculptures, catch a breeze on the Riverwalk, engage in a game of Riverwalk Bingo or sit back to do some people-watching. There’s always something new to see downtown.

4. Make After-Party Plans Downtown

Because downtown Wilmington is walkable, your rehearsal dinner guests will love a nearby after-party.

  • Give your guests a list of your favorite night spots, and tell them where you’ll be.
  • Keep your route short to spare older folks and ladies’ shoes.
  • Consider renting a trolley, pedi cab, or limo to transport your guests if it’s more than a few blocks away.
  • Avoid constructions sites and any unbeautiful areas—instead, choose a scenic route.

5. Daytime Rehearsal Dinners Are Great Downtown

If you’re not a party person, choose an earlier time for your rehearsal dinner and plan fun downtown Wilmington activities afterward.

  • Give your guests a map of downtown museums, trolley rides, and other attractions.
  • Guests can play a game of Riverwalk Bingo in downtown Wilmington.
  • Suggest a scenic sightseeing cruise on a Cape Fear Riverboat after your rehearsal dinner.
  • Be sure to let your rehearsal dinner guests know about special events on your rehearsal dinner day.

Cape Fear Riverboats is Wilmington’s longest continuously-running cruise line, in business since 1987. We’re here to help make your special day perfect, so give us a call at (910) 343-1611 to let us know your plans. Best wishes to the happy couple!

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