When you get married in Wilmington, NC, your guests can enjoy the best of the natural world: both the beach and the Cape Fear River! Take advantage of watery Wilmington by getting your guests out on the river aboard the J.N. Maffitt.


The Maffitt can accommodate up to 49 guests for a beautiful ride on the river with views of Wilmington, the State Port, the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, and plenty of scenic beauty.

Entertain Your Out-of-Town Guests on a River Cruise


Out-of-town guests need to be entertained, sp charter a cruise to keep them busy! Those who don’t have water in their own back yards will appreciate the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Cape Fear River. The location is easy to find, too: Just collect everyone at our ticket booth at the foot of Dock Street.

Expect Refreshments on Your Cruise, or Bring Your Own

The Barge Ice Cream

You can bring along a picnic and your own beverages (both adult and soft drinks). Or sample the wares at the Barge, Cape Fear Riverboats’ dockside concession. The Barge has adult beverages, casual fare, snacks, and ice cream and seats up to 60 while you wait to board your wedding guests’ chartered cruise.

Charter a Riverboat for Your Rehearsal Dinner


For an unusual pre-wedding treat, schedule a chartered cruise for right after your wedding rehearsal. Local caterers can supply a special meal to carry aboard the Maffitt for this rehearsal dinner with a difference. It’s a party with a fresh breeze!

Host a Mini-Reunion as a Wedding Festivity

When relatives converge from distant points, it’s time to arrange a reunion! Set aside time to put together family members on a cruise aboard our Cape Fear Riverboat. Your family can relax, enjoy the water and the scenery, and catch up on family history while they float down the Cape Fear.

Schedule a Private Charter for Your Special Wedding Event

Daytime and evening charters are available Mondays through Sundays. You may book a private charter for a minimum of two hours, depending on availability.

Our staff is experienced, professional, and friendly and we always try to make your cruise fun and relaxing. Bring your own snacks and drinks, or purchase them dockside at The Barge.

Call Cape Fear Riverboats today at (910) 343-1611 to schedule a great wedding event! We’ll help make sure your guests’ cruise on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC is a delightful ride to remember.

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